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Chengdu Xingwang Animal Pharmaceutical is a research and solution-driven firm that specializes in developing, manufacturing and selling manifold veterinary medicines for the prevention, control and treatment of diseases of all usual livestock and poultry – cattle, sheep, swine, chicken, duck, avian, aquatic, etc. As a mature, robust and proactive enterprise, we are dedicated to providing veterinarians, veterinary drugs dealers and individual farmers comprehensive range of products across all of target species to keep the health and good performance of animals. Our aim is to be the most reliable internet pharmaceutical firm who is committed to creating a healthier world for animals.

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Herb Medicines

Table below shows our star products - herb medicines that are developed from herbal extractions without any antibiotic factor but with equal or even better therapeutic effects. Animals treated with these drugs are one hundred percent safe, which can create a health word for our human being. 

Herb Medicines

Herbs Powder for AphrodisiacHerbs Powder for Aphrodisiac Compound Vitamin B Soluble PowderCompound Vitamin B Soluble Powder Astragalus polysaccharide PowderAstragalus polysaccharide Powder Ultramicro Herbs Medicine for Poultry Anti-virusUltramicro Herbs Medicine for Poultry Anti-virus Ultramicro Herbal Medicine for Poultry SterilizationUltramicro Herbal Medicine for Poultry Sterilization Herbs Medicine for Detoxifying and Better Egg ProductionHerbs Medicine for Detoxifying and Better Egg Production Herbs Powder for Hysteritis and MastitisHerbs Powder for Hysteritis and Mastitis Herbs Powder for Anti-FMDVHerbs Powder for Anti-FMDV Herbs Injection for Anti-FMDVHerbs Injection for Anti-FMDV Vitamin CVitamin C Phytohemagglutinin Soluble PowderPhytohemagglutinin Soluble Powder Herbs Powder for Anti-worms and StomachicHerbs Powder for Anti-worms and Stomachic Yinqiao PowderYinqiao Powder