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New Arrivals: Dedicated Chinese Herbal Medicines
In order to meet the development of the aquaculture industry and national strong farming drug supervision and management in recent years, Xingwang has designed and developed a series of ultra-fine herbal products based on the farm diseases and drug characteristics. These new developed drugs are derived from traditional Chinese pharmacopoeia basis ultrafine prescriptions, and made of high quality ingredients and advanced ultra-processing techniques. Therefore, they are different from traditional Chinese medicine extracts and simple splintering processing method, and effective in improving situations for poor absorption of Chinese herbal medicine and slow treatment effect.
Supermicro herbal medicines are featured with fast treatment effect like western drugs and good for health care. Theses featured drugs won’t produce drug resistance even long-term use or drug residue problem and currently are the first choices for the treatment and health care for animals.
At present, we offer users following supermicro products:
Drug for diarrhea: Drug for Heat-clearing and Diarrhea
Drug for fever: Andrographis Paniculata to Reduce Fever
Drug for cough, tightness and shortness of breath: Cough and Asthma Relieving Drug
Drug for mycotoxins poison: Liver and Kidney Protector
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