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Enrofloxacin Injection

Raw material imported from Bayer with the highest absorption rate in the world; used for sow over milk and piglet intestinal infection

This drug is good at killing salmonella, escherichia coli, shigella dysenteriae, and staphylococcus aureus. It can be used for sow "over milk" and prevention and treatment of piglets' yellow, white, red dysentery and piglet edema disease, as well as other intestinal infections with obvious diarrhea symptoms. Note: this drug cannot be used for pregnant livestock.

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Florfenicol Injection

Convenient to use with water; good sterilizing effect and high drug content; indicated for poultry respiratory infection and intestinal bacterial infection

This drug is mainly used for poultry infectious bronchitis, infectious laryngitis, duck infectious serositis, Newcastle disease and other respiratory tract infections. Besides, it also can be used for some poultry intestinal bacteria infections, such as pullorum disease, escherichia coli, avian paratyphoid, and fowl cholera treatment.

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Oxytetracycline Soluble Powder

Real ingredients, high content, anti-bacterium and promoting growth; typical feed additive medicine for poultry and livestock health care

This drug is for anti-bacterium, insecticide, and can rapidly clear toxins and metabolic waste in blood. It is used to treat a variety of bacterial, blood protozoal diseases, amoeba, and rickettsial infections with both effects in promoting the growth of livestock and poultry.

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Ivermectin Injection

Anti-parasites injection; convenient and flexible to use externally with good insecticidal effect

This drug is used to kill certain parasites in vivo and in vitro of livestock and poultry, such as filarial, pinworm, roundworm as well as flea in the form of adult, larva and egg. This drug can improve following situations of livestock and poultry: fur disorder, odontoprisis, stiff pigs, etc. caused by parasite infections.

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Diclazuril Solution

Compound diclazuril oral solution with both marked anti-coccidian and hemostasis effects; effectively control coccidian infection caused blood dysentery, enteritis and other illnesses

This drug is indicated for soft, pile type, giant, poison, eimeria brunetti and other types of coccidian infections and useful for rabbits and chickens hemorrhagic colitis, bloody diarrhea and other symptoms caused by a variety of coccidian.

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