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Product Name: Oxytetracycline Premixes
Oxytetracycline Premixes
Oxytetracycline powder

Physical Form
Yellow or yellowish powder

Pharmacological Actions
  • Pharmacokinetics: This product is a quick effect bacteriostatic agent that can reversibly bind to receptors on the bacterial 30S ribosomal subunit after entering into the cell to interfere with receptors on the ribosome complex of tRNA and mRNA, prevent peptide chain elongation and inhibit bacterial protein synthesis and the rapid growth and reproduction of bacteria.
  •  Pharmacodynamics: This drug has broad-spectrum antimicrobial effect on susceptible bacteria, including pneumonia, streptococcus, some grape bacteria, bacillus anthracis, and clostridium tetani. It also has a certain inhibiting effect for mycoplasma hyopneumoniae, chlamydia, and spirochetes.   
This drug is developed for anti-bacterium, insecticide and treating animals various infections, eperythrozoon, babesia, toxoplasmosis, schistosomes and other blood parasites caused hyperpyrexia, jaundice, anemia, constipation, alternating diarrhea, amoebae, rickettsia, spirochetes, chlamydia infection and mixed infections. It still has effect in promoting animal growth.  
Dosage and Administration
  • Single dose for oral use: 0.5-1g drugs for per kilogram of horse or cattle, 1-2g drugs for per kilogram of sheep or pigs, twice a day, and continuous use for three days;
  • For prevention: 100g drugs for 150 ~ 200kg fodder, and continuous use for 3-5 days.
100g: 50g (500000 units)

500g/bag * 28 bags

  • Cannot be used for long-term for pregnant and lactating females;
  • Use with caution for impaired liver function animals;
  • Should not be taken orally for adult ruminants, equine and rabbit.   

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