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Product Name: Tylosin Tartrate Soluble Powder
Generic Name: Tylosin Tartrate Soluble Powder

Tylosin tartrate

Pharmacological Actions
  • Pharmacodynamics: This product is an actinomyces that belongs to freund streptococcal fermentation extracted macrocyclic enzyme-type animal antibiotics, whose mechanism is reversibly binding to the bacterial ribosomal 50S subunit, hindering peptides’ growth, and inhibiting bacterial protein synthesis. This drug is similar to spectrum antibiotic erythromycin with poor sterilization function and strong effect in mycoplasma.
  • Pharmacokinetics: This drug is good for oral absorption (1 hour for peak plasma concentrations) and widely distributes in whole body, and most of the drug prototype can be excreted from the urine and bile.
This product is mainly used for chronic respiratory disease caused by poultry mycoplasma infection, and other sensitive bacteria infections caused bronchial pneumonia, laryngitis and necroticans enteritis, etc. Additionally, it is effective in treating respiratory inflammation caused by fowl plague, Newcastle disease, infectious bronchitis, contagious laryngitis and other poultry virus infections.
Clinical symptoms: obvious wheeze, snoring, head raising, running nose, defecating in gray-green or green-yellow.

Dosage and Administration
If it is the first time to use this drug, please operate as following instructions.
  • Mix with water, 100 g drugs for 200-250 kilograms of water; drinking intensively, continuous use for 3-5 days
  • Mix with fodder, 100 g drugs for 100-150 kilograms of fodders; twice a day, continuous use for 3-5 days and half of the dosage for prevention.
Safety Instructions
  • This drug cannot be used with penicillin;
  • Keep it under seal in dry place;
  • 5 days withdrawal period for broiler chicken.
  • Approval number: Veterinary Drug Number (2013) 220332731
  • Carried standard: The first version of 2010 edition of China Veterinary Pharmacopoeia

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