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Product Name: Ultramicro Herbs Medicine for Poultry Anti-virus
Generic Name: Qingwen Baidu Powder

Gypsum, skullcap, buffalo horn, berberine, gardenia, moutan bark, etc.

Physical Form
Yellow powder with light smell, bitter and sweet taste

With the effect of cooling fever, qingwen baidu, this drug specializes in a variety of viral infections, such as chicken bronchitis, dorking newcastle disease, infectious bursal disease, duck hepatitis, ducklings parvovirus and other diseases.

Dosage and Administration
  • Mix with water or take orally, one time use of 1-2 g drugs for one animal, once or twice a day and double dosage for severe case;
  • Mix with fodder, 500 g drugs for 150-300 kilograms of fodders. 

Approval Number: Veterinary Drug Number (2013) 220335043

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