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Product Name: Isatis Root Anthocyanin Soluble Powder
Generic Name: Isatis Root Anthocyanin Soluble Powder

Radix, wild chrysanthemum, folium extract, anthocyanidin, astragalus polysaccharides, small peptides, compound amino acid, vitamins B1, B2, etc.

Physical Form
White or yellowish powder

This drug can be used with the vaccine to promote the elimination of toxins toxin, improve immune response ability, and enhance the immune effect. Meanwhile, this drug shows good anti-stress effect and is able to improve the bactericidal effect effectively when used with a variety of antibiotics.

Dosage and Administration
  • Use with vaccine in general: 100g drugs for 200-250 kilograms of water, use one week before the start of immunity to three days after immunization with concentrated drinking, once a day; use in emergent vaccination, 100g drugs for 100-150 kilograms of water, and use in the same day of immunity with concentrated drinking;
  • For health care: use alone or cooperatively with other drugs to increase effects; 100g drugs for 200-300 kilograms of fodders, twice a day, continuous use for 5-7 days; or 100g drugs for 400-600 kilograms of water, once a day and continuous use for 7-10 days.
Safety Instructions
Slight agglomeration does not affect the performance of drug.

Approval Number: Veterinary Drug Number (2013) 220336011

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