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Product Name: Ivermectin Injection
Generic Name: Ivermectin Injection
Well developed vermifuge drug for killing parasites on poultry and livestock

Product Features
  • Able to be used for all the common  livestock, including horse, cattle, sheep, etc.
  • Simple to use; this drug can be used to spray with water directly
  • Convenient to store, keep it under seal in dry place
This product is used to kill certain parasites in vivo and in vitro of cattle, sheep, horse or other livestock, such as filarial, pinworm, roundworm as well as flea in the form of adult, larva and egg. And this drug can improve following situations: fur disorder, odontoprisis, emaciation, anemia, jaundice, etc. caused by parasite infections.

Dosage and Administration
Dosage for each time of intramuscular injection; 1ml drug for every 50kg of cattle/sheep.

100ml: 1g

100ml*15 bottles *2 boxes

  • Cannot be used for intravenous injection;
  • Cannot be used for animals that are allergic to this medicine;
  • Highly toxic to shrimp, fish and other aquatic life; prevent pollution of water supply caused by the unused medicine and package;
  • Withdrawal period: 35 days for cattle/sheep and 28 days for swine.

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