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Product Name: Herbs Injection for Anti-FMDV
Generic Name: Hypericin Injection

Honeysuckle, ginsenoside, flos sophorae, phillyrin, ganoderan, etc.

Pharmacological Actions
This drug can improve cellular immune function and the ability to resist infection by promoting the body's T cells-mediated immune response and NK cell activity.

This drug can be used for a variety of viruses, secondary bacteria and protozoa caused foot and mouth ulcers, piglets (myocarditis-type) foot and mouth disease, porcine circovirus disease, blue ear disease, vesicular disease, mild swine fever, viral diarrhea and streptococcal disease, eperythrozoonosis, pasteurella multocida, toxoplasmosis, etc.
Clinical symptoms of cattle and sheep: high body temperature, lethargy, loss of appetite, weakness, mouth and tongue sores and yellow water flow, feet blisters fester and escharosis, hoof canker blisters rupture scab, hoof shell off, oral mucosa, breasts, and abdomen skin inflammations, blisters, ulcers and other symptoms.

Dosage and Administration
For first time users, please read following instructions before use.
  • Intramuscular injection, 0.05-0.1 ml drugs for per kilogram of horse, cattle and sheep, once a day and continuous use for 2-3 days;
  • Other antibiotics, like cephalosporin should be added in intramuscular injection for clinical use. 
Safety Instructions
Keep it under seal in light-resistant place.

  • Approval number: Veterinary Drug Number (2013) 220332079
  • Carried standard: The second version of 2010 edition of China Veterinary Pharmacopoeia

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