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Product Name: Florfenicol Injection
Generic Name: Florfenicol Injection     

Product Features
  • Very effective in sterilizing and treating various infection diseases
  • Convenient to use, once-a-day dosing     
  • Easy to keep, store under seal in light-resistant place
This drug can be used for sensitive bacteria caused respiratory tract lung infections of cattle, sheep, horse and other large livestock with these symptoms: high fever, high heat, cough, shortness of breath, exhaling warm, thick phlegm, lungs moist rales manifestly and other symptoms.
Clinically used for: cattle or sheep contagious pleuropneumonia, sheep lung plague, pasteurella disease, brucellosis and other diseases, and often with high fever, high heat, cough, runny nose, shortness of breath and other lung infection symptoms. Besides, this drug has certain effect in general intestinal infections, mild diarrhea and stool shapeless.

Dosage and Administration
Correct ways to use this drug are listed below.
  • Intramuscular or intravenous injection;
  • Dosage for each time: 0.1ml drugs for per kilogram of cattle/sheep/horse; 0.1ml drugs for per kilogram of foal/calf/lamb;
  • Once a day and continuous use for 3 days; more dosages for severe case. 
100ml: 20g

100ml*15 bottles *2 boxes

  • Cannot be used for pregnant livestock;
  • Cannot be used with these medicines: β-lactams, aminoglycosides, rifampicin, etc.;
  • Withdrawal period: 28 days for cattle, sheep and swine.

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