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Product Name: Herbs Powder for Antidiarrheal
Generic Name: Four Flavor of Andrographolide

Andrographis, angelica, atractylodes , agastache, rifampin

Physical Form
Mousy powder with aromatic flavor

This product is a Chinese and western compound medicine attending to cattle and sheep severe bacterial infection or chronic infection with intractable diarrhea, protraction phenomenon mainly caused by gastrointestinal E. coli, shigella, and clostridium. It is commonly used for dairy cows, cattle, goats, and sheep common infectious gastroenteritis, calf paratyphoid, lamb dysentery, epidemic diarrhea, ulcers, necrotizing enterocolitis, gastrointestinal disorders, intestinal toxemia, ruminant force reduction and other diseases. Meanwhile, it can effectively alleviate the cattle, sheep long-term pain, no forming soft manure, water stench dung and other symptoms.

Dosage and Administration
  • Mix with fodder: 500g drugs for 150-200kg fodder, twice a day and continuous use for 3-5 days.
  • For clinical use: often combined with pefloxacin mesylate soluble powder that has fast hemolysis, good bactericidal effect and electrolysis multidimensionalregulate that can add and regulate water liquid electrolyte balance.  

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