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Product Name: Zhike Powder
Generic Name: Zhike Powder

Anemarrhena, citrus aurantium, ephedra, licorice, tylosin, tulobuterol, flunixin meglumine

Physical Form
Beige or yellow-brown powder

Indications: clearing lung and eliminating phlegm, relieving cough and asthma. Combined with anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory drugs, this drug has good curative effect in a variety of lung infections intractable cough, shortness of breath, phlegm thick, mouth or nose with purulent foamy sputum secretion and other symptoms of cattle sheep. For treatment of infectious pleural pneumonia, sheep lung disease, pasteurella disease and other disease of cattle and sheep, compatibility with cephalosporins and cooling antipyretics is need in intramuscular injection.

Dosage and Administration
  • Single dose for intramuscular injection: 25mg drugs for every kilogram of cattle and horse (one needle for every 200kg cattle or horse ); 0.1ml drugs for every kilogram of foal, calf and lamb; twice a day and continuous use for 2-3 days, more dosages for severe case;
  • Intravenous injection: dilute with sterile saline or 5% glucose injection; 20-30ml drugs for per bottle in intravenous injection, 200-250ml drugs for per bottle in intravenous dropping; pay attention to drug speed.
Safety Instructions
Stop use this drug if turbidity occurs after dilution. 

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